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I have a theatre Company called Liminal Theatre

Limin  - the threshold of a physiological or psychological responseFrom the Latin limin or limen, meaning 'threshold'Liminal is the term used by Folklorist Arnold Van Gennep to describe rites
“executed during the transitional stage [of a ceremony]”.
During this transitional stage, normal limits to thought, self-understanding and behavior are relaxed - a situation which can lead to new perspectives.

Ritual, or ceremony, can create a lasting impression on our memory.  Along with remembering the event, we also store in our muscle memory other information about the event.  This is why particular sensations can trigger strong emotional responses in us.  Many pre-industrial societies used the power of this phenomenon as a tool to reinforce the teaching of things like cultural identity.  The industrial revolution contributed to the decay of communal cohesion and as a result we in the west have lost many of our rituals.  More importantly we have lost the knowledge of why ritual is important. 

The arts can also have a profound effect on the health of a culture.  In the words of playwright John McGrath, theatre can “enrich cultural identity, amplify marginal voices, attack cultural homogeneity, [and] increase community self-determination…”  

Many artists do not wield their power responsibility and many others are simply un-aware of the power inherent in the work they do.

For me the term “artist” once referred to a level of self-expression.  I now think of it as an office of public service that requires an extreme level of responsibility to the community.  

These statements are altruistic and it is society’s responsibility to be cautious of the potential dogma in any altruistic statement.

What do you think?

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